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Riding Lessons

Seahorse Stables' lesson program was developed to introduce beginner horse enthusiasts to the wonderful world of equines! Our goal is to help children create healthy relationships with the natural world, which is important for building self confidence, developing empathy and becoming stewards of our environment. In our opinion, one of the best ways to do this is by working with horses. Horses require us to be present, provide clear and honest leadership, in addition to daily care, in order to do the job we ask of them. This nurtures a child’s connection with herself, the horse, and the natural world. 

From-the-Ground-Up sessions focused on horsemanship skills, barn chores, feeding, grooming, bathing, tacking, mounting, and riding help students develop lifelong skills like trusting their instincts, maintaining personal boundaries, and building their confidence around horses and humans.

In 2023, Seahorse Stables adopted the HorseSense Learning Levels curriculum to provide consistent, quality education to individuals in our riding program. This tiered approach includes both mounted and unmounted equine education and allows the opportunity to provide barn lessons on days when riding isn't possible due to weather concerns. A "from-the-ground-up" approach is the foundation for our lesson program and is based on respect for both the horse and rider. We believe aspiring riders should receive solid, on the ground training and develop relationships with the horses in our care, prior to mounting and riding. Safety is our top priority.

Cost:  $60/hour 

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