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Clinics | Full Care Board | Lease


Full Care Board

Seahorse Stables offers full care board with excellent around the clock care for horses. Located in southeastern NC on 12 acres - only 5 minutes from Carolina Beach. Monthly board includes top-of-the-line feed (Alfalfa/Orchard mix hay and

Triple Crown or ProElite grain),

daily turnout with our happy herd,

and grooming/bathing as needed. 

Vet, farrier, meds/supplements paid for by owner.

Monthly Cost:  $900


Partial Lease

For horse enthusiasts looking for more responsibility and time at the stables, without the high cost and responsibility of owning a horse. Leasing is a way to get more involved and committed while being introduced to horse ownership. This allows additional riding time on a horse that is selected specifically for you or your child’s riding education and budget.

Riders must be currently enrolled in a Seahorse Stables' lesson program to be eligible for lease. Ages 8-18 must be supervised by a Seahorse Stables instructor/trainer at all times. 

Introductory Lease:

Includes 1 session and 1 lesson per week 

with preferred use of leased horse. 

Cost:  $550/month

Advanced Lease:

Includes 2 sessions and 2 lessons per week

with preferred use of leased horse. 

Cost:  $950/month


Horse Centered Clinics

Seahorse Stables is now offering horse centered clinics based on our equine community's needs.

Clinicians are invited to contact us to

host a clinic at our facility.

Options include, but not limited to:

Clicker Training

Equine Assisted Learning

Hoof Health

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