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Tack Room

Barn Rules

For the safety of our horses and riders, we ask kindly that you adhere to the following rules while at Seahorse Stables:

  1. No smoking.

  2. Helmet and hard-soled shoes with a heel must be worn when mounted.

  3. Young children must be supervised.

  4. Only lesson students are allowed in the barn. Parents and siblings should remain in the barnyard or wait in the car during lessons.

  5. No running or sudden movements.

  6. No shouting or loud noises.

  7. Gates must remain closed.

  8. Stall doors must remain closed when horses/ponies are inside.

  9. Report any unsafe condition immediately.

  10. Respect others: clean up after yourself and your horse.

  11. Only feed horse treats with permission. Feed with palm facing up and fingers flat and tight.

  12. NEVER ENTER A FIELD WITH HORSES IN IT, unless you have been properly trained on how to catch or turn out a horse.

  13. If you are unsure of what you are doing, ask for help.

  14. Never enter a stall without permission.

  15. Make sure the horse is aware of your presence before approaching.


  17. Do not allow friends or siblings to handle horses.

  18. Do not mount until an instructor has checked the girth.

  19. Always have a halter or bridle on your horse. Hold or tie the horse. Horses may not be loose.

  20. Do not mount or ride a horse in the barn.

  21. For your safety, no jumping without an instructor.

  22. When hacking/practicing, you must read and follow all rules, including no jumping, supervised, time limited to 45 minutes, and long warmup/cooldown.

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