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Introducing Barn Buddies!

Calling all tiny equestrians and their favorite grown-ups! Join us for a magical 4-session journey of bonding with our ponies. Ages 3-7 are invited to become the ultimate "Barn Buddy" with hands-on activities and pony adventures! 

Session Highlights

Session 1 - Be a Barn Buddy: Learn essential safety tips and discover how to think like a pony, building trust and connection. 

Session 2 - Fancy & Fluff: Get hands-on with grooming your pony and even try your hand at mucking a stall - messy, but oh-so-fun!

Session 3 - Equine Epicurean: Discover how to safely feed your pony, understanding their special diets and creating a bond over tasty treats.

Session 4 - Pony Promenade: Learn to lead your pony for a promenade around the farm!

General Information

Dates:  March 7-28, 2024 (Thursday Mornings)

Time:  10:00-11:00am

Location:  Seahorse Stables -1280 Hill Valley Walk

Ages:  3-7 with a parent/caregiver in participation

Cost:  $300 ($75 per session)

Interested in joining us? Please click the link below to register! 

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